Proposed Projects

New Liberty Hill High School $71,035,000
  • Built on land currently owned by district on State Highway 29
  • Capacity of 1,600 students for Grades 9-12
  • Building Features: 48 classrooms, nine science labs, 10 computer labs, one competition gym and two smaller practice gyms, career and technology classrooms, band hall, choir and an auditorium
  • Site Features: Parking for 1,100 vehicles, a football stadium for 5,000, 8-lane track, two practice fields, baseball field and softball field (both with seating for 500), tennis courts and field houses, a weight room and concession stands
  • Materials and Sustainable Design: Energy efficient, low-E glass windows; ground sources heating and air-conditioning (geothermal); carpet tiles that incorporate sustainable technologies; insulated masonry wall system; terrazzo flooring; energy management system; occupancy sensors; natural daylight in all classrooms
Liberty Hill Junior High School $3,332,000
  • Existing high school campus will become the new junior high location
  • Will serve 625 students in Grades 7 & 8
  • Existing facility will receive additions and renovations:
    • Create secure main entrance and provide new front entry cover
    • Install fire-rated ceilings in science area
    • Install new finishes and ceiling tile in fine arts area
    • Install new finishes in locker rooms
    • Repair roof, upgrade HVAC system and upgrade technology
    • Address drainage
    • Apply new coat of sealer to parking lot
    • Extend fire loop
    • Build new 4-lane track
Liberty Hill Intermediate School $8,406,000
  • Existing junior high school campus will become the new intermediate school location
  • Will serve 800 students in Grades 5 & 6
  • Existing facility will receive additions and renovations:
    • Add new administrative offices to front of building and create secured front entrance
    • Renovate existing administration/library for new classrooms
    • Construct new classroom addition
    • Construct new cafeteria
    • Renovate and expand existing kitchen
    • Renovate existing cafetorium and band hall for new library and computer lab
    • Renovate existing locker rooms for new classrooms
    • Renovate all corridors
    • Provide new fire sprinkler system
    • Upgrade HVAC, technology and security systems throughout building
    • Band Hall
    • Add 42 new parking spaces
Other Projects  
Renovate existing sixth grade building for district administration $436,000
Renovate kitchen/cafeteria at Liberty Hill Elementary School $1,447,000
New parking lot at Burden Elementary $120,000
Future land purchase $800,000
** The projects total $85,576,000. The projects’ total amount was rounded up to $85,580,000 because bonds used to finance the projects are sold in increments of $5,000.